Replacement Indentures / Trade Papers

Duplicate copies of certification

Many operatives contact TICA, looking to gain duplicate copies of certification and Indentures. It could be that as an operative, you have to show qualifications in order to achieve site access or competence cards, and may have lost certification that was gained several years ago.

This is not a problem, and in many cases we can assist.

TICA can issue indenture papers confirming the completion of apprenticeship only if we have proof of certification of the NVQ/SVQ from the awarding body. TICA act as a training provider – and are not an awarding body. We cannot re-issue certification on behalf of the awarding body.

If an NVQ/SVQ has been completed, and your certificate has been lost, you will need to contact the awarding body and obtain a duplicate certificate. This certificate will then need presenting to TICA together with employer references and dates of service of the apprenticeship. Once all of that paperwork is presented to us, we can issue duplicate Indentures.

The cost for duplicate indentures is £25.00 – payable directly to TICA.

If no NVQ/SVQ has been completed, and the apprenticeship was gained purely through on site work experience with employers, the TICA cannot issue Indentures. Under these circumstances, the only option for the operative to obtain the relevant qualification would be through an On-Site Adult Assessment NVQ/SVQ.

The cost for Adult Assessments is £1,500.00

Note: An assessment can only be carried out whilst the operative is in appropriate employment, and would need the approval of their current employer.

If you wish to apply for duplicate copies of indentures, please download the application form here.