Functional Skills / Essential Skills / ICT


What are Functional Skills?
Functional Skills qualifications are designed to provide learners with practical skills in English, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Mathematics which help them to ‘function’ confidently, effectively and independently in their work and life in general.

Who will benefit from Functional Skills and how?
The Functional Skills qualifications will be useful to:

  • Learners: young people and adults will develop important problem solving skills which will make sure that they’re well prepared for employment, further learning and life in general
  • Employers: this initiative will help to ensure that employees can apply vital functional skills in work situations which will improve effectiveness and productivity
  • Higher Education: competency in the key subjects of English, Mathematics and ICT will help students progress to further achievement, allowing them to study independently


If you would like further information on Functional Skills you can view NOCN’s Essential Guide to Functional Skills click here