The Adult Apprenticeship is primarily for employees who have worked in the construction industry for a minimum of 3 years, gained practical experience, are over the age of 23 years and wishes to become a skilled tradesperson. See section 18.3 of the National Agreement.

The adult apprenticeship in Thermal Insulation Engineering is a two year course; however it can exceed two years should the qualification or level of skill not be achieved to the satisfaction of the employer or the TICA, or should the Adult Apprentice not have the experience as detailed, they would be required to serve a 4 year apprenticeship. The course involves the learner working on site for the majority of the time. The learner will attend TICA Training College in Darlington in two week blocks, approximately four times a year.

The brand new Level 3 Apprenticeship in Thermal Insulation Engineering is about to start, details to follow. 

During the course the learner will complete the following:

  • N/SVQ Level 2 in Thermal Insulation
  • Certificate in Thermal Insulation Level 2
  • Functional Skill in English
  • Functional Skill in Maths
  • Functional Skill in IT (optional)
  • Employment Rights and Responsibilities