Full and Probationary Membership
TICA subscriptions are calculated on a members’ annual turnover for thermal insulation work and multiplied by 0.1581 per cent.

  • Minimum Subscription £1,000 pa + VAT
  • Maximum Subscription £15,000 pa + VAT
  • Training Levy £160 + VAT per operative

Training Levy and IETA
Operative totals are taken from the first five lines of the Annual Return form and include:

  • Foreman/Supervisor/Chargehands
  • Thermal Insulation Engineers (Direct Hire)
  • Asbestos Removers (Direct Hire)
  • Thermal Insulation Engineers (Sub-Contractors)
  • Asbestos Removers (Sub-Contractors)

The number of operatives is the multiplied by £160 + VAT.


If an organisation is a Full TICA Member, the ACAD membership is discounted by 50 per cent.

Other Categories of TICA Membership

  • Associate Membership £1,000 Plus VAT
  • Employment Business Membership £1,000 plus VAT
  • European Membership £1,000 plus VAT for the first year.

As per payments for full and probationary members, above, thereafter.