The welfare benefits scheme provides a range of welfare benefits arranged through Welplan.

Welplan Ltd is the provider of employee benefits for companies operating in the Building Services Industry.

Since establishing the H&V industry’s sick pay and death benefit scheme in 1965, Welplan has continued to design and develop a comprehensive range of employee benefits to help employers recruit and retain skilled workers in an increasingly competitive market.

Benefit from your TICA Membership:
TICA members are entitled to National Insurance exemptions through a holiday pay scheme which saves employers up to approximately £380 per employee per year and adds about £260 per year to each employee’s net pay. Some 2,000 employees at TICA-member companies are already participating in the scheme, saving the industry more than £1.3m every year in NI payments, but more still could be taking advantage of it.

The construction industry has had access to centrally managed holiday pay schemes for more than 50 years. Welplan Limited were appointed by TICA in 1990 to operate the Thermal Insulation Contracting Industry Welfare Benefits Scheme. Welplan also operate Holiday Pay arrangements which enable the savings in national Insurance contributions to be combined with the provision of welfare benefits.

Under the arrangement, employers may choose whether to provide both welfare benefits and holiday pay, or welfare benefits alone. The Holiday Pay arrangements, with NIC savings, are only available for employees directly engaged in construction work (in other words, operatives), but benefits can also be tailored to meet the requirements of clerical and administrative staff.

Whereas the holiday pay scheme brings NI savings, Welfare Benefits pay back by reducing absenteeism from sickness and improving productivity. Benefits can include private medical insurance, employee assistance programmes, health assessments, dental cover, life cover, disability cover, and sickness benefit.

Welplan’s Holiday Pay and Welfare Benefits schemes are easy to set-up and administer. They also make it easy to manage cash flow, because benefits are purchased on a weekly basis only for the number of operatives that are employed each week, avoiding the annual upfront payments demanded by other schemes.

Welplan is more than 50 years old, with a heritage of working with the Building Service Industry.

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