FREE employment law and HR support/advice as part of your TICA or ACAD Membership Subscription.

Employment issues can be complex. The task facing business owners of ensuring that they are complying with ever changing Employment Law has become ever more demanding.

At the TICA we have developed the Employment and HR Support available particularly to our smaller member companies) because we are committed to service excellence and to helping improve industry standards.

Members are able to access the Advice Line by telephone from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) by simply dialing the normal TICA number (01325 466704) and selecting Option 5 on the phone menu.

You can contact our HR Advisor at any time by email –

Advice by phone or email, including the provision of basic draft documents, will then be arranged. There is no charge to members for the advice given.

To view all forms available, members must enter their login details and visit publications located on the members page.

How often can I use the service?
Access to the advice is unlimited and, apart from the cost of a standard rate national telephone call, is included as part of the TICA or ACAD subscription. Remember, there is no premium rate telephone line and no additional hourly charges.

How do I know the advice I receive is accurate?
Our Employment and HR Support Consultants are qualified professionals to Chartered CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) standard. Members can be sure that their advice is the product of many years experience as not only do they know the law, but they have worked in a wide range of businesses, in government and in industry.

Why might I need Employment and HR Support?
There will always be those occasions when a difficult Employment or HR issue arises (often at short notice) and some impartial advice can save not only time and worry, but potentially significant legal expenses and Employment Tribunal awards.

This service gives members immediate access to highly experienced, professional consultants who can provide reliable telephone or email advice in a practical, easy to follow style using everyday language. Our Consultants have a familiarity with our industry and in particular with “Pink Book” terms and conditions.

Also, there may be occasions where members know the most appropriate course of action to take to deal with a workplace issue or problem, but would like a ‘sounding board’, preferably someone who is independent and can offer an impartial option. The Advice Line Consultants are not just there to provide answers but also to listen and validate the decisions members have made.

How do I provide basic legal documents to my staff?
As a TICA member, you also have access to downloadable, basic employment documents (including Contracts of Employment), thus ensuring legal compliance.

Primarily intended for smaller member companies, this initiative is a further example of our commitment to ever improving standards within our industry. In turn this will complement the provisions of the National Agreement (Pink Book), which provides a consistent basis for employment within our industry.