For UK contractors involved in industrial hot and cold insulation.

Full Membership Qualifications

  • Minimum trading period 2 years
  • Submission of latest accounts
  • Satisfactory insurance cover
  • A sponsor who is an existing TICA member
  • 1 reference from a Client
  • 1 reference from a Supplier
  • Health and Safety Policy

Full Membership Benefits

  • Membership of the NSCC
  • May vote at meetings and sit on committees
  • May have industrial relations representation
  • Receive information relating to TICA including newsletters on a regular basis
  • Publications (National Agreement etc)
  • Legal and HR Support
  • Access to negotiated Private Healthcare scheme
  • Access to a Members Only Section with log-in and interactive Member Location Map
  • Able to display TICA logo

Membership Fees
The annual TICA Full Membership subscription is based upon a percentage of the insulation turnover. The figure is 0.1605% of insulation turnover with a minimum subscription of £1015 + VAT and a capped fee of £15,225 + VAT per annum. The TICA Training Levy is £163 per operative.

We will issue an Annual Return Form in July of each year, which must be completed and returned. Subscription figures are calculated from the Annual Return and invoices are sent in January of each year with 4 payment options; BACS, cheque, credit card or standing order of 6 installments. Invoices must be paid promptly to ensure continued membership.

Full TICA Members will benefit from a 50% discount from ACAD Membership.

Application Process

Complete and return the application form.  We will send you an acknowledgement letter and follow up your references. Subject to satisfactory references, the application will be passed to our Chief Executive and then to TICA Governing Council for approval.

Becoming a Member
Please complete the TICA Application Form and return it to us.

To find our more about TICA membership, please contact our Membership & Communications Administrator, Lynne Lambe on or call 01325 734131.