Apprentice Recruitment 2016

The TICA Recruitment programme is going well with almost 15 TICA recruited apprentices being accepted by employers and therefore attracting the £1,000 accommodation grant.

We still have plenty of availability for new recruits whether or not you wish to take advantage of the TICA grant.

TICA Apprentices

TICA Apprentices

There is still time to take on apprentices and access the accommodation grant, or alternatively if you are a small employer (

less than 50 employees) and have staff you would like to upskill you may be eligible for the AGE Grant, which is a one off payment of £1,500 from the SFA.

TICA Members who recruit apprentices from the TICA Recruitment process, will benefit from this grant. Upon registering the apprentice, TICA will record a credit against the candidate and will book accommodation on behalf of the members up to the value of £1,000 for the duration of the apprenticeship. We anticipate this will cover a significant proportion of hotel and food costs incurred whilst the apprentice attends the National Training Centre in Darlington. The scheme is scheduled to run for the 2016 recruitment intake only.

Members wishing to participate in this scheme should contact Louise Peacock on 01325 734149 or email Alternatively you can contact your regional training officers:

South East & South West – Phil de Veuve on 0787 6241235 or email
East Midlands, North West & Birmingham – Mike Albery on 07515 996548 or
North East & Scotland – Colin Wales on 07774 681972 or