TICA – Thermal Insulation Contractors Association


Started in 1957, TICA is a trade association formed to promote its Membership, representing organisations throughout the industrial and commercial insulation industry. Through training and industry best practice, TICA can demonstrate that thermal insulation saves both energy and costs for their clients.

At TICA, we are passionate about our specialist sector and proud of our industry-leading facilities at Darlington's National Training Centre.

Current insulation technology can be used immediately without further development or research; providing safe working conditions from the moment it's installed. It reduces CO2 emissions - saving energy and providing value for money.

By improving awareness of the importance of energy efficiency and teaching specialist trade skills, we will enhance the value of the market that our members are working within, and raise the status of our sector within industry.

Marion Marsland, TICA Chief Executive.

The National Joint Council for the Thermal Insulation Contracting Industry (NJCTICI) was founded in 1959, with TICA being the sole employer signatory body along with the GMB and the T & GW Unions. In 1981, TICA also became one of three employer bodies signatory to the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry (NAECI), which covers the terms and agreements of engineering construction projects. A significant proportion of TICA’s work is involved in providing advice and support to member companies on industrial relations, employment and training matters. A further main activity of TICA, through its influential Technical Committee, is its representation to the Health & Safety Executive and the British Standards Institute.

TICA is committed to using the combined strength of its members to protect, improve and promote their interests and those of the industry.

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